Vegetables in a balanced diet

5 September 2020 0 Comments

It’s quite hard making your child finish their vegetables. Kids just prefer eating the meaty stuff and throwing away the vegetables. In the United States school feeding plan, vegetables have been made mandatory. Although they have been proven to  be very healthy most kids are not enthusiastic about eating them. This leads to a lot of wastage. A research found out that the children where simply throwing away most of their vegetables instead of eating them.

How to teach your child the importance of eating vegetables

Most reasons why children don’t eat their vegetables are due to the way that these children are raised. They are raised believing that vegetables are an option and are less valuable than their meat option. Lets also face it. Meat just tastes better than vegetables. That’s why most people are not  enthusiastic about eating vegetables. People around the world understand the importance in preventing health problems such as obesity. However it has been a challenge teaching children to value vegetables as much as they value meat.

The best way is to reinforce the eating of vegetables by offering something nice if they finish their vegetables. You can give them sweets as a token of finishing their vegetables. Dessert is another way to motivate your kids into eating vegetables.

The importance of vegetables in a healthy life

Vegetables are important in preventing certain complications such as obesity. Its actually true that people who eat a plant based diet tend to be less likelier to  suffer from heart problems and other illnesses associated with obesity. For  a much longer and healthier life vegetables will have to be a part of your diet everyday. Vegetables and fruits are an important part of human diet. Without these two components you can expect to suffer  from diseases such as scurvy.