Good Hygiene

8 July 2020 0 Comments

Although most people do not take to heart the impact of hygiene in good health. Hygiene prevents us from contracting many illnesses. Besides good diet, hygiene is the second most important part of a healthy body.

Hygiene in culture

You might think that the main reason why you keep hygienic is to impress people. Although its true that is the main driver why many people wash their clothes and brush their teeth regularly. For some people hygiene might be central to getting that other half. We use shampoo and other detergents to make ourselves smell, look and feel good. However that might actually save us a lot when considering our health.

Important parts of hygiene

What many people don’t realize about hygiene is that it is integral to our health. However hygiene is not just our bodies kept clean. It also includes our immediate environment. Do you think a person who constantly eats in a dirty plate will ever be hygienic? Of cause bacteria and other dangerous microbes will start living in that filth. That’s why making sure that our surroundings are clean is an important part of keeping healthy.

Imagine most of the diseases known to man. Most preventable diseases in this case can be prevented by keeping our  surroundings clean. Especially our water sources. We have to wash our plates after eating can save us from diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. All these diseases can be prevented by  keeping our homes clean. This also includes keeping our toilets clean all the time.

If you believe in the  saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ then you certainly believe in the keeping yourself and your surroundings hygienic inorder to prevent illnesses. Some of these illnesses can turn into a pandemic if they spread rapidly  around the community!

Remember that hygiene is about keeping ourselves and our environment clean.