Mental wellness

11 October 2020 0 Comments

Mental wellness can be the secret to physical wellness. You might have noticed that when someone is not well mentally their body starts to develop signs that reflect it. Sometimes the signs are not very pronounced than other times. Some people affected by mental illnesses start to develop odd behavior that  affects their everyday function.

Mental wellness importance

One of the most common problem with mental illness is depression. It affects millions of people world wide. Most of these people are  often in denial of their current state. This denial might be helpful at first in protecting the patient from the harsh realities of their current situation, but in the long run the denial can become harmful. It might prevent the individual from seeking help.

Having loved ones in this case may be helpful in preventing any further harm. Remember that people who suffer from mental illnesses have a high rate of suicide. Sometimes they just need someone they trust to talk to. Remember that if you are that person you need to be understanding and offer the best advise available.

Mental wellness can also be affected by your environment. You need to try and avoid stressful environments. Remember that its better to be around people who enjoy your company. Stress can be a cause of a situation created by people around us.

Mental wellness and health

Mental wellness has a big impact on human health. People affected by mental illness tend to gain a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight in a short space of time. This is due to the change in their eating patterns. Some will eat more when distressed. This can cause some serious health problems in the long term. Most of the food they eat is usually junk food. It is the food that causes obesity.