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Pathology of Parathyrinoma  

Dr Sampurna Roy MD                 July 2016


Parathyrinoma (Ectopic Hypercalcemia Syndrome) is an islet cell tumour that causes signs and symptoms indistinguishable from those seen in parathyroid hyperplasia and adenoma.

Parathyroid hormone or Parathyroid hormone like substances are secreted.

These are very rare solitary lesions. Liver metastasis may occur. Symptoms are related to parathyroid adenoma in MEN type 1. Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN) Syndrome

According to some authors the peptides secreted by parathyrinomas are structurally heterogeneous and differ immunologically from parathyroid hormones. Thus they can not be measured by usual radioimmunoassay, which makes the diagnosis difficult.

Surgical removal of the islet cell tumour, or chemotherapy with streptozotocin in cases in which the tumour is not amenable to resection, causes a prompt lowering of blood calcium levels and the disappearance of symptoms.

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