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Pathology of Pancreatic Agenesis 

"Absence of the parts of adult gland derived from the dorsal pancreas, namely, the body and tail."

Dr Sampurna Roy MD        


Total agenesis of the pancreas is extremely rare. It is often associated with other severe congenital malformations and is  usually incompatible with life

Hypoplasia (partial agenesis) results from the absence of  the ventral or dorsal pancreatic anlage.

In complete dorsal agenesis, the anterior head, neck, body and tail of the pancreas, the duct of Santorini and the minor papilla are absent.

In partial dorsal agenesis, a variable amount of pancreatic tissue is absent but a remnant of the duct of Santorini and the minor papilla are present.

Patients with dorsal pancreatic agenesis have an increased risk of diabetes mellitus because most of the islet cells are located in the distal pancreas.


Further reading:

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Polysplenia syndrome with agenesis of the dorsal pancreas and preduodenal portal vein presenting with obstructive jaundice--a case report and literature review.




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