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Pathology of Inflammatory Pseudotumour

(Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumour) of the Pancreas

Dr Sampurna Roy MD            


Syn: Inflammatory pseudotumor ; Plasma cell granuloma

Pancreatic inflammatory pseudotumor is a rare lesion of the pancreas but it must be distinguished from pancreatic cancer.

The tumour is more common in lung.

Visit:  Myofibroblastic tumours of the soft tissue .

The lesion is probably not EBV-related.

Clinically the lesion generally presents with cholestasis and a mass lesion which may constrict bile duct  suspicious of malignancy.

Histologically, there is a hypocellular to moderately hypercellular, bland spindle-cell proliferation admixed with a prominent infiltrate of lymphocytes, histiocytes and plasma cells.

In rare cases, eosinophils are prominent.

The spindle cells are vimentin and smooth muscle actin positive.

The lesion is negative for S100 protein, Cytokeratin, CD35, LMP, EBER.

It can be extremely difficult to differentiate inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour from pancreatic malignancies.

Most cases require surgical exploration and complete resection to obtain an accurate diagnosis.


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