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Paediatric Pancreatic Tumours

Dr Sampurna Roy MD            July 2016


Pancreatic exocrine tumours in infants and children are rare.

The major problem for the clinician is a lack of experience and of accepted therapeutic strategies.

Malignant pancreatic tumours in children show a pattern different from that in adults.

In infants, especially pancreatoblastomas, solid cystic tumours of females, and endocrine carcinomas of the pancreas must be expected.

In addition acinar cell carcinoma can also occur.

Ductal adenocarcinoma is virtually absent.



Solid Pseudopapillary Tumour

Pancreatoblastomas and solid cystic tumors are mainly found in the head of the pancreas.

Fibrotic capsules with rare, late metastases are characteristics of these tumors, indicating total resection to be an important therapeutic procedure.

Pancreatoblastomas should additionally be treated with chemotherapy.

Endocrine carcinomas of the pancreas (malignant gastrinomas and malignant insulinomas) should also primarily be treated with radical surgery, including extensive lymph node dissection.

In case of distant metastases, local resection (liver) or somatostatin in combination with chemotherapy (streptozocin in the case of malignant insulinomas) may be used.


Five interesting Pancreatic Tumours.

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