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Focal lymphoid hyperplasia (Pseudolymphoma) of the Pancreas

A rare benign condition of the Pancreas


Dr Sampurna Roy MD             July 2016


Localized lymphoid hyperplasia of the pancreas is rarely reported and is often indistinguishable from pancreatic neoplasms both clinically or radiographically.

Focal lymphoid hyperplasia (Pseudolymphoma) of the pancreas is characterized by hyperplastic follicles with germinal center and mixed infiltration of plasma cells and mature lymphocytes with no significant cytologic atypia.

The immunostaining show polyclonal origin of the lymphoplasmocytic component.

This lesion should not be mistaken for nodular malignant lymphoma.

Malignant transformation of pseudolymphoma has been reported. It is extremely rare in pancreas.

Castleman's disease of the pancreas is a very rare condition that may resemble more common disease entities as well as pancreatic cancer.

Radical pancreatic resection is usually not performed for localized lymphoid hyperplasia of the pancreas (Pseudolymphoma).


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