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Pathology of Enterochromaffin Cell (Carcinoid) Tumour  

Dr Sampurna Roy MD                    July 2016


Enterochromaffin cell (EC cell) carcinoid tumours of pancreatic islets that elaborate serotonin are rare.

The benign variant induces the so-called atypical carcinoid syndrome, consisting of a severe facial flush, hypotension, periorbital edema, and lacrimation.

The malignant variant metastasizes to the liver and causes the classic carcinoid syndrome, which is additionally associated with endocardial fibrosis of the right heart.

Histologically, the primary pancreatic enterochromaffin cell (EC cell) carcinoid tumour is usually composed of uniform round cells, proliferating in small nests or trabeculae.

The tumor cells are strongly positive with both Grimelius and Fontana-Masson stains.

The immunohistochemical study reveal that the tumour cells are positive for serotonin and chromogranin.

Some islet cell tumours with the histologic features of carcinoid tumours have contained products other than serotonin, such as insulin, gastrin, vasoactive intestinal peptide calcitonin, and prostaglandins.


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